Platform update

ATLogger cannot be used with the incognito mode, because once the browser is closed you will lose all your QSOs.

What is ATLogger?
ATLogger is the Official Alfa Tango Group's innovative log platform.
How ATLogger works?
The logger platform allows you to operate in all the official radio activities of the Alfa Tango Group. The technology of the platform allows any internet browser to be used as log software, both Online and Offline.
Which devices it works with?
The logger platform works with the most common and modern internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. It can be used on any device such as PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphones with iOS and Android.
How to work offline?
To work offline (without internet connection), you must access (Online) the ATLogger platform at least once. Then you can use ATLogger without internet connection, with all the functions except automatic updates and log sending.
What's innovative?
- no software needs to be installed, it works with any modern internet browser.
- it requires very low performance from the device.
- it works Online (with an internet connection) or Offline (without an internet connection).
- automatic updates with an internet connection.
Next logger releases
Logger console for:
- Personal Logger
- AT Women's Day Contest.
- Italian Municipality Award (Only for activators)
- Log backup and synchronization on ATLogger Cloud (Only for AT Members)
- Real time score and live users
- Multi Dx Cluster manager
WARNING! Where are the logs hosted?
The logs are hosted in the database (IndexedDB) of your internet browser. You can only lose your logs if you intentionally delete the IndexedDB data of your internet browser or using any external browser/software cleaner that clean all the data of your browser. In any case, you can download and save your logs on your device. You can reload your saved logs on any other device.
Contest Nazionale AT

ATLogger per il Contest Nazionale sarà disponibile a partire da Marted√¨ 31 Maggio