14AT49635Progressive number inserted by 14AT49 worng: 7 (right: 6 of 1AT915)
16AT/HQ1324QSO NOT present in the log of 16AT/HQ
14AT751521QSO NOT present in the log of 14AT75
14AT1692127Progressive number inserted by 14AT169 worng: 44 (right: 21 of 1AT915)
109HA5052324109HA505 did NOT send the log (or input error)
109HA22472712Progressive number inserted by 1AT915 wrong: 12 (right: 14 of 109HA2247)
26AT773115Progressive number inserted by 26AT77 wrong: 61 (right: 31 of 1AT915)
14IR113337QSO NOT present in the log of 14IR113
161WGC335020Progressive number inserted by 161WGC33 worng: 57 (right: 50 of 1AT915)